Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Le Crafterie

I spent most of yesterday afternoon dejunking Le Crafterie.  It is now starting to look like the kind of place that I could actually spend some time crafting in. At long last I can see the work table that I created when I first reclaimed the workshop and turned it into my own workspace.  It had gradually become more and more cluttered until it was hidden under a mountain of 'stuff'. As soon as I have had breakfast I shall go back out there and make a start on the craft drawers.  They haven't been sorted through in ages and  now that I actually have room to move in there I will be able to see what is inside each drawer. I am finding loads of lovely crafting goodies and came across my workbox full of glitters.  I had to really fight to resist the urge to just play with the glitter and make 'stuff'.  As soon as the whole place is put to rights I shall get out my card making things and have a glittery afternoon.

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