Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 25 February 2016

What has come over me

Crafting is on hold at the moment as I think my brain must have been stolen in the night and replaced with a different one. I have come over all Spring Cleanish these past few days.  Worse than that though,  I am looking at ornaments and stuff that I have had for years and wondering why on earth I kept them for so long. I have things that people have bought/given me over the years and never had the heart to ditch them before. Today I am looking at everything with new eyes and if it doesn't give me pleasure then off the the charity shop it will go.
We have a cupboard full of beautiful crystal wine glasses so why do I keep using el nasty cheapo ones bought from Tesco.  Heck, it isn't very often that I drink wine anyway so I am sure that  I can use a beautiful glass.  I have pretty little coloured glass shot glasses hidden away in a cupboard and rarely used... From now on they will be used and loved.  I will just bite my tongue when Tony breaks them.

With a bit of luck my crafting brain will return very soon. 


  1. i keep trying to get rid of dozens of little resin nick nacks the kids have bought over the years. even when you knock them off the shelf they dont break , i hate them with a vengeance...lol

  2. I know that feeling! It comes upon me two or three times a year and I wonder why I have hung onto so much junk for so long. Spring cleaning is in progress here (I'm on a tea break) washing is blowing in the breeze, a zillion cobwebs have been removed, and those hard-to-reach areas of the house (unseen, if I don't wear specs!) are getting a jolly good clean. Enjoy using your lovely things.

    1. I hang my head in shame at the dust cloud that is hovering over Nunthorpe now.... I am to blame for it

  3. Thank you very much for the sweet comment. Hugs from Italy