Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Is it Spring yet??????

Cos if it isn't, then why have I felt like Spring Cleaning today?   I have emptied my kitchen cupboards and washed all the shelves with hot soapy water. Then I lined the shelves with wallpaper before wiping the bottoms of all the tins and jars and replacing them in the cupboards. It will be a bit confusing for a few days too as I decided to swap some of the cupboard contents around.  Seriously out of date produce has been chucked out  (I mean really seriously out of date) .and I now have some sense of order in the cupboards.When I was at my WI meeting last week I was given a bag full of plastic containers that had held Ovaltine or something similar.  I decided to take all my dried products out of the plastic bags and put them into nicely labelled containers.  I am sick to death of mopping sesame seeds and brown sugar from the worktop each time I pick up a bag.  It looks so much tidier and I still have a couple of containers left to use in my craft room.  Tony rang and I have told him that the only shopping we need to buy at the weekend will be milk and fresh fruit. I am planning to use everything up in the cupboards and not buy any more until the cupboards are nearly bare...... Oh and I have cooked a tin of corned beef this morning as I plan to make a pie for tea.I bought the frozen pastry just before Christmas and decided that today was baking day... that was before the urge to Spring clean hit me but the corned and potato are cooked so I simply need to make it into a pie and pop it in the oven just before Tony is due home.   Am I a domestic goddess or what?:-)

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