Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A bit of gardening kind of day

I finally got around to cutting down the dead flower stalks that I see each day from my kitchen window.  It didn't take long and the garden looks so much fresher now that I have done it.  Now I can focus on the flowers and not the dead stuff.  I currently have in my front garden. Snowdrops, wallflowers, crocus, viola, miniature iris, and a large heather in flower.  I spotted my first grape hyacinth, there are a couple of flowers on the vanilla scented plant and the daffs are just starting to show a hint of yellow.  It will be a really pretty display once they are flowering.  At the back of the house I have a nice patch of snowdrops and the daphne is starting to bloom.  The daphne is one of my favourite fragrant plants and gives me  no end of pleasure once the flowers open.

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