Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 18 January 2016

Up with the larks.

It doesn't look so frozen and cold outside this morning and I have a dozen or more ideas for things to make as soon as my housework is done.  Pity it is too early to run the hoover around.  It really wouldn't be fair on on the neighbours if I do it  now.  Likewise chopping logs. I can't really make that kind of noise at this time of morning. In fact I might just go and make a couple of cards while it is still dark outside.  Not much I can do until a decent hour really is there? I crocheted a jug to match my mismatched tea set (does that make sense). It is using up all those tiny little bits of wool that have cluttered my yarn stash for years. I am working on another tea pot and a couple more cups and saucers and then will put it away for a while to concentrate on something else.
Tea tonight will be the remains of last nights pork joint.  I studded it all over with loads of garlic and rosemary.  Then  cooked it low and slow for 5 hours and it was absolutely gorgeous. I shall use the very last of my sack of spuds to make some chips.  They have been a great buy and there wasn't a single rotten one in the sack.  Hopefully we will get across to the farmshop this week some time and buy another.

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