Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Today's Freebie's

I have had a lovely day today,  It started when my friend Sandie in New Zealand emailed to ask if I could use some patchwork quilting magazines.  She knows that I plan to make a Christmas themed patchwork quilt and told me that one of the magazines is full of xmas designs. Then, Tony and I  went over to Darlington and collected a large filing cabinet. The cabinet is 4ft tall  and had been offered to me by a fellow wood turner. It will be put to very good use as storage for my fabric. There is the offer of another large and a small cabinet as and when it becomes available. Bob and his wife Lynne have the most wonderful house full of all manner of hobbies and crafts. Very much 'my sort of people'.  Then Tony was given a large wooden case. We plan to buy a large sheet of foam next weekend to line the case with. When it is finished it will make a very flash carrying case for his gun.

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  1. I love freebies! You had so many lovely ones today. Well done and enjoy!