Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Not so cold today

I really was quite poorly yesterday.  I didn't mention that I am  fighting a cold but yesterday as the afternoon wore on the cold won.  I just couldn't get warm even though I had a t shirt, thick jumper,  heavy duty sherpa lined fleece and the log burner going flat out. Even my usual log chopping session failed to warm me up and that is usually a sure fire way to get a bit of warmth into my old bones. I didn't fancy any lunch and in truth didn't fancy any tea either.  I ate tea just because I knew that I hadn't eaten since breakfast. Tony made me a hot toddy before bed and I think it must have done the trick.  I am not 100% but certainly up to about 65%
Thankfully it feels a bit warmer........I could be running a temperature I suppose as it was quite frosty out earlier and I didn't feel cold...... At least I don't feel as poorly as I did yesterday.  I think it is forecast to get a bit warmer quite soon and then I can really start walking and adding some steps to my total.  Lunch today is what I call courgetti......  I chop and fry half an onion,  add a spiralised courgette and when it is all nicely cooked I stir in an egg. If I am feeling really  hungry I crumble in a cheese slice, let it all cook until the cheese has melted  et voila...... courgetti......  Very tasty it is too

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  1. So many lingering colds about. Hope you feel better soon x