Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Moules Mariniere for lunch

I have had a lovely day so far.  Tony has gone to Manchester to watch the footie and I have cooked a beautiful moussaka for when he comes home this evening.  I am being a little bit naughty now though.  I have just heated a bag full of Moules Mariniere and poured myself a glass of red wine (and mostly lemonade). I cut some chunks of a lovely brown seeded loaf and  enjoyed a thoroughly lovely lunch. Tony isn't keen on mussels so it isn't very often that I eat them. These were from Lidle and I will certainly buy them again.  I ate the whole bag of them too....... well I wasn't going to just bin them was I?  I am going to scrub the shells and put them into my rock tumbler.  If it removes all the brown shell and leaves them looking like mother of pearl I will use them in a craft project that is forming in the cobwebs at the back of my brain.   If it just smashes them all to smithereens I have lost nothing.

I had planned a housework afternoon but d'ya know what? I might just make a few crafty bits and bobs instead.  Mr Amazon has just delivered a new cutting die so it would be very bad manners not to give them a try wouldn't it?      :-)  It feels a lot warmer today, I know it is only January but I am sick to death of cold grey wet days.  Roll on Spring

The lovely Moussaka

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  1. Enjoy your afternoon! Your lunch looks delicious.

    A few months ago I was quite ill and couldn't eat for almost three weeks, when my appetite gradually returned I was shocked to find that I was desperate to eat mussels. (I was shocked because for all of my 62 years I have thought they looked too disgusting to eat.) I suppose my body was telling me that it needed something which they offer. Four months on and I'm still enjoying them -especially at Lidl's prices.