Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 11 January 2016

An early start today

It is 06.40 and I shall be heading out for the train in about twenty minutes. Hopefully I will boost my  amount of steps today.  I say hopefully because if it is tipping down with rain then I will stay warm and dry indoors. I am not too worried about the number of steps during the winter months as I know that I will do many more as soon as it gets lighter.  I don't mind the cold as you can wrap up against that. It is the drizzling rain the gets me down.  Everything just looks so miserable and grey.

  I think I am due a half hour of hula hooping when I get home.  Tea is already cooked as we shall have some of the lasagna that I cooked yesterday. Tony and I I have bought loads of salad things eat this week so we really are on the fast track to losing a few pounds. The alcohol consumption has been reduced to one drink per week for me. Tony will have a bit more than that as somehow I don't think he will drink soft drinks on a Thursday when he goes out with his friends. Funny how I go out with my friends and drink blackcurrant and soda but it just wouldn't feel like a night out for Tony if he didn't have a couple of pints of beer.  Must be a man thing.

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