Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Twiddlemuff link.

I had a visit from a fellow WI member yesterday and learned all about Twiddlemuffs.  I just wondered whether any knitters might be interested in knitting them and offering them to their local care home.  This is not my project but is such a nice worthwhile idea I thought it worth a mention on here.  Here is a link to a page of information about the Twiddlemuffs.  http://www.repod.org.uk/downloads/Twiddlemuffs_Instructions_24-01-15.pdf


  1. What a marvellous idea, not sure that my knitting is up to standard, but I'll give it a go. Don't you just love that word - Twiddlemuff!

    1. It certainly made me smile. Don't worry about dropped stitches or pattern mistakes.. just sew a button or twiddly bit over the mistake...

  2. What a lovely idea. My mum had Alzheimer's and I think she would have loved one if these but sadly she died a long time ago now. I am going to make a start on one tonight and hopefully take it to my WI meeting next week.. I suppose you could use several layers of fabric if you could not knit.

    Thank you for sharing such a brilliant idea.
    Hazel c uk