Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A bit more chucked out

My walking boots have finally given up the ghost.  The soles have been squeeking for a while but yesterday they let in water and I came home with a slightly soggy foot. Thankfully I had another pair waiting to be used so out of the box they came today.  I have also thrown out a jumper that I love (cos it hides the lumps and bumps).  It has gone really shabby all of a sudden and I had considered cutting it up and making gloves..... WHAT THE HECK FOR....... I have loads of pairs of gloves. It sheds fluff too so hot water bottle covers aren't an option.  Nope... new year new me.  I was though, given a bag a large wooden beads today.  They will make great heads for my little wooden doll project... What?  I haven't told you about it?  I will get around to telling you all about it when I make some. 

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