Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

This may be the year I write my book

Having been told so many times that I should write a craft book I have given it some thought and 2016 might just be the year that I finally get around to it. I realise that there is a craft book for every craft in the world but  my own brand of crafting might just be of interest in this age of being green and eco friendly. I shall do a bit of research into publishers and see whether it will be worth my time to do it. I am told that there is very little money in writing a craft book so I am not planning on retiring any time soon on the proceeds. 
I finished another sock this morning and will make a matching one for it before putting the needles away for a while. I am teaching a needle felt workshop in Feb and want to make some nice examples before the session.  I will of course show you how they turn out.


  1. Go for it Cherie :-)

    Sorry, I have been AWOL. Just caught up with your blog.
    Many thanks for visiting my blogs this year.
    Happy 2016 to you and your family xx

  2. This is the year I finish my book. Lets keep checking on each other.