Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Indian night and small courtesies

Several weeks ago Tony and I enjoyed a German Themed night out.  Tonight we are booked for an Indian themed meal at the same pub.  We are staying the night and will probably go into Helmsley for a walk tomorrow some time. It is Christmas Jumpers for both of us as it is a walkers pub and not really somewhere that people get dressed up   I was quite touched last time we were there to see walkers in stockinged feet.  They had the courtesy to take their muddy boots off.  I really don't understand why people think it okay to walk across carpeted floors with outdoor shoes on. I like to cut my fabric for quilting on my sitting room floor and certainly don't want to do that where people have walked mud and other nasty stuff.  Speaking of quilting.  I was given a tub of fabric last week so have a longing to start another quilt. Many years ago my lovely friend Sandie sent me a gorgeous Christmas wall hanging.  I would love to make one too and might start to cut one out when Tony next goes to the footie alone.  I am off to visit my friend Sheryl when he next goes. I have a bag full of crafting things and am planning a proper crafting day with Claudia.  It is hard to believe that she is 14 now and I really can't get over how tall she was last time I was in Bolton.

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