Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Running out of space

Earlier this year Tony and I decided that we would give one of our freezers to my son.  It is only now that I miss it.  The Goose has taken up a whole shelf of the little freezer that we now have.  Don't get me wrong there is plenty of room in the freezer for our needs and it has stopped us buying all the fattening goodies on sale.  It has probably saved us quite a bit of money this past year as I only buy what we need.  The gorgeous belgian chocolate cheesecake from Aldi's won't fit in the freezer at the moment so I didn't buy one.  How many calories has that saved me? Have you noticed though just how many of the 'bargains'  are pure junk food.  Fizzy drinks,  chocolates, crisps. No wonder we are all piling on the pounds.  I am a crisp addict. I will eat any flavour and pretty much any brand.  We don't buy them too often as I hear the poor things shouting from the cupboard.  They don't like sitting in the dark.  I am clearly doing them a favour by eating them.  No willpower whatsoever if crisps are in the house.  The only way I can lose the pounds is simply not to buy them.   

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  1. I agree that a lot of the food is rubbish, especially the puds. Have you ever tried to flush the cream down the toilet, it won't go but just floats there, does it do the same in our bodies i wonder.