Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 13 November 2015

Well that was a lovely walk

Today is  my 'ladies walking group' day.  The rain was bashing down on the conservatory roof and bouncing up from the garden path.  Tony rang to ask whether I was staying home or walking.  What is the worse thing that can happen?.......  I could get wet!!!!!!!!  On with the raincoat and boots and Joan and I were picked up by Marian.  We drove to our meeting spot and the rain stopped.....  the sun came out.... the wind dropped and we had a really nice walk.  The lovely piece of coffee cake at the cafe was a real treat too. I am so glad that we went. Funnily enough,  we get just as many walkers in the rotten weather as we do when the sun shines.  Tonight Tony and I are going to a German themed meal over in Chop Gate.  We have booked a room for the night too so we will be able to try all the lovely German wines and whatever German beverages they offer  :-)

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