Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The passport photo and a card for my sister

Last week I told you all about my attempt to have a half decent photo on my passport.  Well, all the slap that I trowelled on worked.  I don't look like a corpse and am in fact rather pleased with how it looks. I am really amazed at how quickly my new passport arrived but then it wouldn't take much doing to check up on me I suppose.  I have delivered so many different sessions in so many different places and the press often came along and did a little write up with a photo. I don't actually need a photo album but simply google my name and there online is me through the years.  Worrying really though isn't it? Just how much info about ourselves is readily available to anyone who would want to look.
Anyway. I have just spent the past two hours doing some final preparations for my day in school tomorrow.  Felt flowers are cut and ring pulls de - tabbed . Thread and needles are counted and pliers are ready in case they should be needed.  I am also giving a talk tomorrow night at a local church group.  The display for that is bagged ready and standing in my hall.  I do so love to be busy but all the resources that I need for talks and crafting workshops tend to spread right though the house during busy periods. Tony never complains bless him. 

Bev's Birthday Card

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