Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Stepper card and my lovely day out shopping

Tony and I went into Middlesbrough today to do a bit of shopping. We popped into M and S to spend my gift voucher which I thought had £10 on it.  Bottles of rather fancy Bucks Fizz were half price so we bought two.  They will be lovely with our Christmas dinner.   Then I spotted a lovely decanter style bottle of Port  so I bought one of those too.  That will go in Tony's stocking (yes we have Christmas stockings).  When we got to the checkout I discovered that there was actually £20 on the card.  Then we popped into Collectables and bought a couple of rather sweet little presents for family members.  When we got to the checkout we discovered that everything we bought was actually half price.  A quick visit to my favourite shop 'The Works' and a few pound shops and then we headed home with a huge bag full of goodies that hadn't really cost us very much.

I know you like a photo of a crafty make and here is a stepper card that I made the other day.  I will be making some of these with one of my groups this coming week........and while I remember, we had our first snow of the year today.  Just a few light flurries but it was pretty.

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  1. Sounds like some good retail therapy there Cherie - lovely card :-)