Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

More mess

Last week I was working in one of our local community centres.  They had taken delivery of new chairs and in between the seat of each chair was a sheet of cardboard.  They were going to recycle it???????   What!!!!!!! and waste a fabulous resource.   Now the cardboard isn't particularly robust but if you cut two of everything and glue them together they are a great medium to craft with. I have spent most of this morning cutting it into different shapes for some upcoming sessions.  People have absolutely  no idea how much time I actually spend prepping for sessions and if I charged for the prep time they couldn't afford to book a session with me..... Good job I don't then isn't it  :-)  A teacher at a local school contacted me recently and asked how much I charge per session as she would need to  ok it with the head teacher.  When I told her my price she booked a full day immediately....... I am clearly very cheap   :-)

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  1. Not many people appreciate how much time and effort goes into crafting, prep and cost of materials. I gave up craft fairs in the end, everyone seemed to want the work for nothing. I still can't get out of the habit of making multiple items, darn it! You have some wonderful dies!