Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

I am hooked

I REALLY AM HOOKED... ermmmm, I think you may have heard that before from me.  On what am I hooked this time?.......... Pipe cleaner Christmas trees..... buttttttttttttttttt.... I made some with tinsel pipe cleaners (they arrived in the post today and as Tony has gone to Manchester to watch the footie I had to make something didn't I?  (probably not is the correct answer) Oh how I wish I could get a good photo of them as they look stunning.  I have made little tiny decorations with some tiny metallic coloured bells that I had in my stash. I am waiting for an order of tiny wing shaped beads to arrive and then I will make some angels to hang on the branches. Every photo that I take just makes them look like nothing much, but oh how pretty they look in the flesh. I will try again tomorrow when the light is better.  I am still waiting for the polystyrene balls to arrive. My poor headless angels are looking a little forlorn.  Oh and I got loads of tidying up done today.  I haven't even made a mess making the trees.  I was hoping that a new die would arrive today but it is just as well it didn't as I know I would have sponge packaging all over the place by now.  I have a project in mind and once the brain cogs start churning there is no stopping me.  My busy patch is starting to wind down now and I have more time to create just for the fun of it.

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