Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 14 November 2015

German night out

Tony and I had a lovely night away from home last night.  We stayed at The Buck Inn over in Chop Gate  (pronounced  Chop Yat) We saw an ad for a German themed meal at the pub so Tony suggested we stay there the night too.  If 5 star luxury is your thing then this isn't the place for you but if you like a pub that welcomes dogs and muddy boots  (walkers not slobs)  then you will love it.  The room was basic, but clean and warm and the food was lovely.  Again,  if you aren't keen on smoked sausage and sauerkraut then last nights meal would not have been to your taste.  We loved it and went to bed with very full stomachs. Breakfast this morning was the nicest cooked breakfast that I have eaten anywhere. It was absolutely plate lickingly yummy  (I didn't lick my plate,  I do have a bit more class than that).  :-)  We are hoping to book for the Indian night on 12th December. If the food is as nice as last night's German meal was, then I can see this becoming a favorite place for a night out. 

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When we arrived at the pub last night Tony bought me a bottle of Riesling wine.  I was tempted by the fact that it came in a gorgeous blue bottle.  Now usually, I have one glass of something alcoholic and then drink sparkling water for the rest of the night.  I polished off the entire bottle and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We even had the nerve to ask another group of people if I could have their empty bottle too.  I was planning to embellish the bottle but it is such a gorgeous blue that I may just add it to my collection of coloured glass bottles........ and then again I might embellish one of them.

Sadly, we had no idea of the dreadful tragedy taking place in France and it was only an hour ago that we discovered what had occurred.  My heart  goes out to everyone affected by what has happened.

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