Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A busy week

I have a really busy week planned this week. Yesterday morning I delivered an assembly at one of our local schools and then yesterday afternoon I delivered a workshop down in the town.  Both were totally different sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed each of them.  It is a while since I did a whole school assembly and it was great to be able to create a display of things made with potential rubbish.  The children were lovely and after the assembly some of them came and asked loads of questions. I do love to share my knowledge and ideas with like minded people. Today I am teaching knitting to another group in another town.  My worklife is very diverse and I love meeting so many interesting people.  Tonight is my woodcarving club and I am currently carving a 'gingerbread man'  as part of a 'quilt'  for the school where the club is held.  Tomorrow my walking group are meeting for lunch as one of our members will be 83 on Friday.  Joan is an amazing lady and walks several miles every day  'just to get out'.  I know an awful lot of people that don't have half as much stamina and 'get up and go' as Joan does. On Thursday I am in school all day delivering sessions throughout the day to different groups and Thursday evening I have been booked to deliver a talk locally.  Friday morning is my walking group and I think I might just have a quiet weekend...... or that is the plan so far. 

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