Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The doming block

For a few years now I have wanted a doming block  (google it). WOO HOOO Tony ordered one for me last night.  It is to go away for Christmas but when that little beauty gets unwrapped on Christmas Day it will be put straight to use..... Well I will wait until Boxing Day.   What on earth does Cherie want that for I hear you thinking.... oh yes I do..... Well have a liitle look at this video on You Tube for starters.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRI5nEV5TI4     I do in fact have a few  projects in mind so I shall be kept busy in my workshop through the cold dark winter months.  Well I will if it holds out.  It is starting to rot at the bottom so I have to decide whether to fix it or turn the back bedroom into a proper craft room.  The bedroom would still need to work as a spare bedroom for our guests but heck, what is a pile of projects amongst friends. Besides, if I can persuade Anona to come and stay she could play forever with my stash of craft stuff. It is such a pity that she doesn't like to travel very far out of her comfort zone as we could have such fun knitting and stitching.  If I win the lottery I am just going to have to move down South so she doesn't have far to travel.  Lincoln looks quite promising as the property there looks to be very reasonably priced and our experience of Lincoln folk is great.  Such lovely warm friendly folk.  Almost as nice as Brightlingsea and Middlesbrough people.


  1. sorry Cherie, I know I am one great big wimp! Time for the Crafteria to go to the great stash in the sky and the spare bedroom will make a lovely craft room and is reserved for crafters who appreciate PhD's:). B'sea folks are I
    living up to scratch, asking after Kim and offering whatever help and support they can.xxx