Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sweet Peas and a pumpkin

Last night while watching Gardeners World I nearly choked on my cherry brandy (home made of course). The gorgeous Monty Don said that it has been a bad year for sweet pea's.  WHAT?????????  I have been picking hand fulls for weeks now and there are still plenty to come.  My tomatoes on the other hand have been very poor.  It wasn't the size of the crop that is the issue.  I have not had a single red one to pick this year.  I think green tomato chutney is on the cards when I feel a chutney making session coming on. 
Am I the only person in Britain who has bought a pumpkin to actually cook and eat.  I look at all those pumpkins that will be bought for Halloween (I can't stand Halloween) . They will be hollowed out and all that lovely pumpkin will be thrown away.  What a crying shame as it makes the most gorgeous soup.  I have yet to try pumpkin pie but tomorrow I have a baking day planned while my menfolk at at the gun club. I shall be making my first ever pumpkin pie and a batch of soup for the freezer. I will let you know what it tastes like when it is cooked. Any recipe suggestions or links are most welcome

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