Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 1 October 2015


Recently I read a blog post  about stuffocation  and it is something I definitely suffer from.  (google it).  As of today I am going to make a start going through all my stuff and assessing whether I really do need to keep it.  From my wardrobe to my craft workshop I shall purge. I am sure that we all have bought a top or pair of trousers that we liked the look of in the shop or online.  When we tried it on at home it just 'isn't us'. We don't bother taking it back to the shop but put it in the wardrobe and it lingers there for months or even years.  We won't get rid of it as we have never worn it.  Many people sell this kind of stuff on ebay but to be honest I am not big into selling.  I would much rather pass it on to someone that would enjoy wearing/using it. Now I am not talking about the trousers that are a little big/tight as we all know how much our size fluctuates, so I won't be throwing away anything that I genuinely like.  Just the stuff that I bought and have never worn as it didn't really feel right.  I have a really hard job trying to find shoes that fit.  I am a size 3 and if they aren't pink and glittery with Barbie all over them it is often really hard to find shoes in a size 3. This means that when I do find shoes and boots that are a comfortable fit I buy two or three pairs.  These are stuffed in the bottom of the wardrobe until the current pair is worn out.  WHY DO I DO THIS?  The space could be far better used and so from now on I shall make a space in the loft where extra shoes can live until required. Any top or shirt that I simply don't wear is going to the charity shop and any junk in my workshop is going in the recycle bin. I can always find more junk to use and it will be lovely to be able to go out into the workshop and work at the table. It is currently piled high with projects and junk and there isn't the space for a gnat to work.  I have had a busy week and today is no exception so this massive purge will take a little while I as need to fit it in around any free time I have.  I will let you know how I get on


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    1. It didn't happen today and tomorrow isn't looking promising. I am just so darn busy lately. I will make a start as soon as I have the time