Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Well it is the season of windfall apples here in Kemp Castle.  We have been collecting them from the garden by the bucket load.  Today is no exception as I have a day of 'cooking for the freezer' planned.  Many years ago I spent hours and hours making jam and chutney.  My friends would come over to my house bringing whatever fruit or veg they had grown or bought cheaply and we would spend all day together peeling, chopping and then taking turns to stir the jam and chutney. We shared the things we made or gave them all to a local church to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Preserving is a great way of storing food for the winter and I say BRING IT BACK.  It should be taught in school and evening classes and workshops could be arranged for preserving fruit and veg.  The satisfaction of seeing those rows of preserves in glistening glass jars is beyond measure.That reminds me of a class I devised and taught many years ago.  It was called 'Crafts for Fundraisers' and It was such a great way of passing on some of my skills to people who could then use those skills to earn a little money. Adult ed has long since abandoned all the fun classes that they used to deliver.  I for one would love to go on a wine making course.  I can just imagine racks of blackberry wine or wine made from other hedgerow produce in a small part of my cellar.  Then I could have shelves filled with chutney and jam and a freezer full of stewed apples.  My dehydrator would be forever churning out apple rings or dried tomatoes.  In fact I have just had a little thought for my dehydrator so pop back in a few days and see what I have made.

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  1. i was watching the Hairy Bikers in sweden last night and fermented food rather caught my eye , dont know who does a course on that one