Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Dust dust go away

Having spent several hours at the weekend cutting up the felted wool coat I really need to do some serious dusting.  Dust is one of those things that doesn't look too bad usually but if the light hits at a certain angle then the true state of the woodwork really comes to light.  This of course only ever happens when a friend pops in for a quick cuppa.  Then you realise that that fine grey film is actually a foot thick  :-)  well maybe not quite that bad but it might just as well be.  Today may well be a housework day as I am unlikely to have a lot of time for such things over the next few weeks..   My own woodcarving has had to be put on hold as the club members have each been given a piece of wood 7'' x 7''.  We have been given a list of fairy tales and each has picked one that they will carve.  I bagged The Gingerbread Man as it looked to be the easiest one.  Lot's of searching on google images has given me a really nice picture to carve and I made a good start at the club last night. 36 panels will be created by the carvers and they will be mounted on a panel on the wall of the school where the club is held.  It has been commissioned by the school and they hope to invite the children and parents along one evening to watch the work in progress. I will let you know how the panel looks next Easter when it is completed but it is lovely to think that I will carve a piece of wood that will become part of a permanent feature.  Oh and while I remember, our local newspaper went and took some photographs of the yarn bombing at the station so here is a link to the page.


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  1. dust should only be removed when the dust bunnies have grown fangs or when you write your name in it