Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Such a shame

I turned down the job offer as the amount of paperwork involved is crazy.  I had so many ideas for the group too.  We could have made cordials and syrups in the spring and all manner of lovely fresh salads and slaws using produce picked fresh from the garden. The group could have grown beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables and then gone home and made gorgeous tasty chutneys to last through the winter months.  Why, oh why does the government strangle teachers with so much paperwork.    At WI last night we had a great talk on wild herbs and hedgerow edibles.  I am quite knowledgeable on the subject as I used to lead wild food forays in our local woodland but learned so many new things from the speaker.  She told the group that there isn't a university in Britain that offers Botany as a subject.  So much knowledge will die out with this generation and the generations to come will never learn which leaves and plants are safe to eat.  If it doesn't come in a bag of washed leaves from the supermarket people won't know what is safe to eat and what should be left alone.

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  1. and the bags of salad aren't safe either. Plenty of cases of salmonella from the grotty things! Seem to remember James Wong is an ethno botanist, wonder if the degree he did is still in being?x