Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 25 September 2015

Log Hauling season

Well it is that time of year when I spend many hours chopping wood.  I have just moved a pile of logs off the drive where they have sat in the sun for several weeks.  These ones are for next year as they won't be dry enough to use this year.  I lose a bit of weight while chopping logs so can allow myself an extra indulgence of the treat variety when I feel the need.  If you have never tried belting logs with an axe or a hammer and a log splitter then you won't know just how warm it makes you. As for the thrill of seeing that pile of logs cut into 'burning size pieces' well I can't describe it.  One day when I have my little cottage with roses around the door I will have a proper woodshed......... one day.........  A girl can dream.  


  1. Did you hear Steve Wright on radio 2 today, he was talking about how theraputic using an axe is. Reading this seems like he must be right. lol

    1. Chopping wood and needle felting are sooooooooo therapeutic. Great stress busters

  2. Yup, never stop dreaming! I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds. Maybe I need to chop wood! lol!