Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cold wet and horrible weather (and some coconut oil)

So I am staying indoors and wearing the lovely warm jumper that my friend Anona knitted for me last year.  Have just been on ebay for a little retail therapy and ordered three snuggly fluffy jumpers.  A little dusting is on the cards today so watch for the story of the huge dust cloud over Nunthorpe this evening when you watch the news.   Today is 'pie night'.  We are going out for tea to a local pub that serves the best steak pie I have ever eaten.  Then we will be heading off to our carving club where I shall make a start on a new carving.  If I can find a nice piece of wood in my 'wood for carving' stash I will make a start on a letter opener for my friend but need to work out a design for it first. Other carvers like to cut the basic shape using a jigsaw but I prefer to carve the whole thing from scratch so it takes me a lot longer.
Now let me tell you about the coconut oil that I bought at the weekend. We popped into our local health food shop to order some vegetarian rennet  (tale for another time).  On offer were large jars of coconut oil and for some time now I have wanted to try it.  I have read so many good things about it that it has been on my 'to buy' list for a while.  I have since Sunday, cooked with it, used it as a hair conditioner,  cleaned my teeth with it  (tastes amazing)and used it is a face moisturiser and hand cream.  My hair is shining, my hands feel lovely and soft and my face feels as though it is really well moisturised.  Apparently it makes a nice coffee creamer too but as I am not a great coffee drinker I will try that when the mood for a coffee makes over me.  I am still find more ways to use it so it is an experiment for me.

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