Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 28 September 2015

Cheese Gromit? (and an apple peeling machine )

Well we have bought the rennet and some whole milk and tonight is the night........  We shall try cheese making.  I am currently scouring 'you tube'  and watching everything I can on the subject so watch this space.  Who knows, I may have a piece large enough to eat with some of my lovely home made chutney in a ploughman's lunch when it is ready..... and then again I may not so don't expect a cheese sandwich anytime soon.  As for the apple peeling machine that we bought at the Darlington Festival of thrift, it is a bit hit and miss.  I think that whoever sold it to us replaced the 'coring slicing blade' with one that isn't meant for the darn gadget. I have had to ask my friend Margaret to bring me some back from America when she goes in a fortnights time. I was a bit disappointed to find that we could actually have bought a similar gadget online for half of what we paid but as ours is made of cast iron and is 'vintage'  we are hoping that it was made to last and will last us a lifetime.  In fairness though it is great for peeling potato's and Tony and I had great fun peeling some to make chips on Saturday night....... We lead such little lives don't we  :-)

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