Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Moving out today... and the Tom Jones debacle

It is that time of year again.  Alexander is heading back to his university accommodation  and I have the whole house to scrub from top to bottom.  I have no idea how one extra person can add so much dust to every surface but there are dust bunnies everywhere. It feels a little sad too as this will be the last time he comes home for the summer. He does say that he will be here every Christmas but that will of course depend on where he working.   He came home totally exhausted and covered in mud last night after working away at the Tom Jones concert in Alnwick.  Although he had a great time he worked his socks off and says it was a shame that the concert ended the way it did. Alexander felt that a lot of the negative comments were unjustified as the concert was nearly over when the generators blew. He did feel that the organisers hadn't hired enough staff and were totally out of their depth organising for such a huge star. He thinks the company won't survive this. On a plus note though he gained so much experience from working at the event and would happily do it again if he got the chance.  This coming term is his last year at Uni and we can't believe how fast the time has gone.  It seems no time since he moved on from primary school. 

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  1. Maybe the next craft challenge could be knitting dust bunnies?