Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 31 August 2015

Hooked on blimmin lavender (and another boat)

Following my visit to Yorkshire Lavender my brain is now totally stuffed with all manner of things to make.  Tony bought me a gorgeous lavender perfume from the shop there but how I wish I had bought some lavender oil.  I will have to make do with rose oil from my stash... When I say rose oil I don't mean the really expensive stuff. I bought a very cheap one from a seller on ebay to use in a craft workshop sometime soon.  It actually smells gorgeous but unfortunately the fragrance disappears quite quickly on my skin. It might work better on a couple of projects that I have in mind so pop back soon and see what I have made.
I am still knitting boats and this is my latest one. It needs a little bit of tweaking and I have three more to stuff and tweak sometime this week.  I won't bore you with any more knitted boats as I want to go and make some lovely things using my rose oil.  I will of course fill your head with rose themed makes as soon as they are done.   Next year when we go back to Yorkshire Lavender I will send you to sleep with all things lavender. :-)  Go and have a look at their website if  lavender is your thing.  They had a really lovely range of items there.  I am almost tempted to order some lavender serviettes to use in a decoupage workshop but as I am on a really tight budget at the moment I will put them on my Christmas List. We have decided to give the spare bedroom a lavender makeover and I am planning to decoupage a couple of bedside cabinets next year.  Watch this space if you liked our kitchen make over.   I can't wait to get started but it will have to wait a while as I really need to get the prep done for a few craft sessions.  I like to have my craft bag ready to go just in case I am ever asked to run a craft session at short notice.  I was told the other day that I am so cheap and others offering craft sessions would charge 4 times the amount I do :-)   I do try to keep my prices down. I will never be a millionaire but as I have so much fun sharing my craft ideas with fellow crafters I can honestly say that I love going to work.  Not many people can say that these days now is there?

It needs a little tweaking but was so simple to make


  1. merry 1st September, could do with the heating on! Love the galleon in full sail. Still think a couple of mermaids and King Neptune would be a good addition. Unfortunately it poured down yesterday which put a downer on the car boot and outside bits of the town show. However the inside bits were as good as ever. You would have wiped the board with the re-cycled class - next year????? xxx