Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 3 July 2015

Vanilla icecream and a strawberry cheesecake

It is  07.46 and I have just made my first ever batch of vanilla icecream.  I used proper vanilla pods and double cream so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  I will put the recipe on the food page in case you want togive it a try. I am actually really pleased with how it tastes cos the label on the cream said 27th June.  I was going to throw out the tub of unopened cream but thought the 'sniff and lick test'  should be implemented.  The cream tasted fresher than some I have bought that wasn't past it's use by.  Now don't start jumping up and down with worry.. I often use stuff past it's use by.  It gets the 'sniff and lick test' first and so far I have never been ill.   I have also made a strawberry cheesecake with a tub of marscapone that was well within its use by date.  I did have to pick through the tub of straberries though as some were starting to look a bit ropey.

Now just because I know you like a picture in the post I thought I would share my latest boat.  I am planning to make the boats much smaller from now on when a boat building craze hits me.  I really need place to store them and may well donate them to a local school.


  1. Lovely makes Cherie :-)
    The ice cream sounds yummy. (I'm a "sniff it" person too lol)

  2. It can sit for a month past the sell by date, cream is good that way these days , I dread to think how they achieve this ..lol

    1. I will eat pretty much anything and to be honest I don't worry too much about how they have achieved 'keeping qualities' anymore. I think my innards are well and truly preserved