Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Tiny baby goldfish

If you were following my blog several years ago you will recall Wriggly Joe.  The post was all about tiny goldfish fry that I managed to hatch from some goldfish eggs that we removed from the pond.  All in all after quite a few died we ended up with ten tiny fish.  I waited until they were what we thought would be a safe size to put back into the pond and did exactly that.  BIG MISTAKE.  The other fish ate them.  I tried to hatch some eggs again this past month and have been gutted to watch them all die within a couple of hours of hatching. Poor little things didn't get much bigger than an eyelash before succumbing but in truth they just didn't look healthy at all.  I was on the point of giving up yesterday when I noticed a tiny but very healthy little baby fish.  This morning I have two very healthy strong looking tiny fry.  They are about the size of half an eyelash at the moment but watch this space as I plan to take really good care of these babies.  They won't be going into the pond either as we are planning on keeping them in the aquarium.  As soon as they are a little bit bigger I will take some photo's

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