Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Soggy wet craft day

Let me tell you about yesterday.   I was booked to work at a summer event at a local church.  I have spent weeks prepping all manner of pirate and nautical crafts for the kids to make.  I bought a lovely new die for the event and have cut dozens of ships, sails, anchors and skulls with crossbones.  What were the kids happiest making...... butterfly bracelets.  I usually use this as a 'filler' craft while waiting for glue to dry.  I always cut freehand a whole pile of butterflies and let the kids decorate them with punched shapes or bits of tissue.  Then we glue them to a strip of card and using a bit of sellotape to close them we make them into bracelets.  This goes down a storm with the kids and it is lovely to see a whole load of kids (and mums and dads)  walking around wearing a butterfly bracelet. Well yesterday was an outdoor event and it started to rain.  In the end I had to ask to move everything indoors as it was nigh on impossible to sit in the rain while kids tried to work with soggy paper.  Once settled I had a lovely time making bracelets....... I will keep the nautical stuff for a future event.

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  1. Sounds like you turned a potential disaster (rain) into a great success. Well done :-)