Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 13 July 2015

Cold sore cure (possibly)

Now and then I am plagued with the curse of the cold sore. For a while it seemed that a balm I made from raw beeswax and olive oil seemed to lessen the attack but the last one I had was really painful.... Last week we had a family bereavement and as is usual when I am stressed I felt those horrible prickling warning signs.  Only those who suffer from coldsores will understand what I am talking about. Many years ago my lovely friend Margaret suggested that sensodyne toothpaste works (it didn't)  But on my bathroom windowsill I have a bottle of a toothpaste kind of thing called Denivit (a  bit like Pearl Drops). I rubbed a tiny bit onto the sore area not really expecting anything but blimey.... no coldsore appeared.....  I have rubbed a  drop into the area a few more times and I have not developed a sore.  Now I am not saying that it is a cure but I know that by now I would normally have a throbbing sore the size of Alaska.  Well worth giving it a try if you are a sufferer.  It cost £1 and the bottle of Denivit came in a small box from B and M.   Oh and just in case you think this is a commercial, it isn't. I am simply sharing with fellow bloggers and my lovely followers a little discovery that has made a difference to me. 

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  1. Another cheaply that works. Is a dab of real coffee granules, doesn't look pretty but does stop them in their tracks