Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Whitby was wonderful

Tony and I thoroughly enjoyed Whitby today.  So much so that we have booked two nights there for our wedding anniversary in July. We stayed in Whitby for our anniversary a few years ago and kind of feel  that it could become a regular event as there is just so much to see and do there.  We love to walk but if shopping is your thing then you won't be disappointed.  There are eateries of all types from fish and chips to Italian restaurants so something for everyone. When I can find the cable for my phone I will download some photo's that we took today. If you can't wait that long then google Whitby and have a look at some images. 

When we came home I spent ages cleaning up the tools that I was given on Tuesday. I am planning to make them all pretty and girly as they are too chipped and ingrained with dirt to just wax as had been my original plan. They have had two coats of paint are currently drying in the kitchen. They will get another coat of paint before I decoupage them tomorrow.  Tony has gone for his regular Thursday 'pint with the lads' and I am planning on having a 'catch up with a few friends on the phone' kind of night

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