Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Rosemary wreath

The Rosemary in my garden was getting a bit leggy and in need of a good trim.  I absolutely love pork or lamb slow cooked with Rosemary and a couple of years ago I bought a packet of rosemary spikes in the supermarket.  I used a few of them and put the rest in a jar of water to see if they would root......... they did...... That of course meant that I had to plant them in my garden so I now have quite a few Rosemary bushes in my garden. Yesterday I gave them all a really good trim in order to keep them in shape. This of course meant that I had a load of cuttings and long branches of Rosemary.  It would have been such a waste not to use them so I wove them into a a wreath and have hung it in my conservatory to dry. It smells amazing in there.


  1. I have TONS of rosemary that needs cutting back. Now here's a great idea to use it up. Did you wind them round a metal ring or just around each other like a bird nest?

    1. Thanks Alison. I just wound them around each other. I tied them together in places as some bits were a bit short. Then I pushed the sprigs in wherever they would fit