Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The pink boat

Good morning world. It is 06:09 and I have been up for the past hour.  Yesterday I  made another boat from a cereal box and some paper mache.  I have painted it and only have the rigging and sails to finish it off then I will post a photo. For some irritating reason I am waking up just after 5 and there is no point me trying to go back to sleep as I would wake up with a dreadful headache. This does of course mean that I have extra crafting hours so am making loads of stuff.  I am working on a knitting project and will post some photo's when I have all the bits and bobs made.  Currently knitting a long green vine which I plan to cover with leaves and flowers...... just cos I can.  If you have any links to knitted or crocheted flowers I would appreciate it if you could add a link in the comments form


  1. http://allcrafts.net/crochet/crochetflowers.htm