Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 5 June 2015

My husband has no soul

Or more correctly he has no soles.  We set off out this evening to go to a candle lit supper. He put  on a pair of shoes that to my knowledge he hasn't worn in all the years that we have been together. We had almost reached our destination when we heard  a crunch sound.  The sole of his shoe had fallen cleanly off.  We did chuckle as we didn't have time to go home so simply continued on to the venue.  While we were eating our meal the sole of the other shoe fell off.  We were killing ourselves laughing by that time.  It was the source of much amusement to the friends that we were chatting with.  The meal was lovely though and the singer had an amazing voice but I am beginning to wonder if Tony has an aversion to going out for a meal with me.  The last time we had arranged to go out for a meal he hurled himself head first off a lorry and broke a rib......... he is currently recovering well.   :-)  :-)   I think I won't organise any more meals out for a while.

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