Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 29 June 2015

Lovely goodies at Aldi

 Tony and I did our usual weekly shop at Aldi today and I am so pleased with the quality of stuff there that I thought I would tell you what I bought because if you haven't shopped at Aldi lately you really are missing a treat.  The rose scented liquid soap is absolutely gorgeous.  We keep a bottle next to the kitchen sink and one in the bathroom.  The lovely fragrance of roses lingers for ages.  I am gutted though as I went to buy some Cardamom Chai teabags today and they are not in stock.  I was planning to try the vanilla chai too. If you like cardamoms then next time you see the teabags please give them a try.  Unlike those those dreadful fruit teas that smell gorgeous and taste like ditch water the Cardamom chai is lovely. I haven't tried the vanilla so can't comment but you can be sure that I will be looking out for them next time they are in stock. While you are in Aldi try the little gammon steaks. They are an absolute bargain.  I think they cost around £1.50 for two. Tony and I ate ours with the first beetroot and lettuce from my square foot garden this evening. I added some of the coleslaw and potato salad that I bought for tomorrows picnic.  It was so tasty that I really must add that to my regular shopping list. You may think that I have been sponsored by Aldi for this post.  I haven't, but was so fed up with the last shop at Tesco that I felt it only fair to praise good quality tasty food when I find it. Tony and I bought everything we need there  for our picnic tea tomorrow.  About 5 minutes drive from the woodcarving club is a lovely picnic spot.  We are hoping that the weather will be nice enough to take our picnic basket.....as yet unused... and eat tea al fresco before going up to the club.. I will take a few photo's if we get to use the basket.  I am tempted to start another page on this blog and call it  The Picnic Basket.  It might just encourage Tony and I to find some lovely spots to have tea outdoors.

This is my lovely salad before I added the gammon.  Even the olives are from Aldi... utterly yummy. Only trouble is that I am the only one in the house that likes olives so I don't buy them too often. 

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