Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Knitting socks.

Tony has gone for a couple of very well earned pints and I am about to start  knitting another pair of socks. That is if I can find the energy to lift the knitting needles as we have worked our little feet off today. I emptied the pond one bucketful at a time and then Tony and I dug some more clay out of the hole before refilling it. We put big pieces of sandstone  all around the edge of the pond to create nooks and crannies for the frogs and newts to hide in and then made a start on our patio. Hopefully the whole thing will be finished by tomorrow or at the latest Saturday. We plan to move both Chimeneas and the BBQ onto the new patio which will create even more space in our log storage area for the next batch of logs to be stored for the coming winter. Having the BBQ on the new patio will mean that we will do a lot more al fresco cooking and dining.  The chimeneas haven't really been used as much as they could have so they will be getting a really good workout this coming Autumn. We love to sit in the conservatory holding hands and listening to our soppy music and have even been known to dance under the stars when the mood takes us.  Soppy or what?  :-) I bet if couples took the time to sit and hold hands under the stars now and then with some gentle music playing in the background they might even be tempted to dance too. Go on... give it a try and rekindle some romance in your relationship. You don't need to let anyone see your soft side if it bothers you.  Tony and I are as soppy as anything and couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thinks..... Alexander made me smile yesterday.  I asked if he was coming home for the summer or staying with his girlfriend at her parents. His reply..... definitely home, her parents are far too serious.  It seems that Tony and I are total nutters and great fun to be with......... that's my boy. xxx.  I know what he means about serious people though. My sister Bev refers to those types as having drawstring mouths which pinch up with disapproval. They are usually the sort that smile in your face and don't have a good word for you behind your back. I ditch those kind of people really quickly.  I am lucky enough to have some really good friends that I know I could count on for anything.  Likewise they know that they can count on me too.....

Here is a soppy song to get you in the mood for romance   :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktOfvxOTaAY  

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  1. Hi Cherie, I am with you on the holding hands, listening to soppy music and dancing underneath the stars. Mr H and I still enjoy spending time on these simple and totally free pleasures. A little romance is good for the heart. Bless you both. Lainie xx