Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The pretty cerise curtains

Well we gave up looking for the grey curtains to match the wallpaper and plumped for a really pretty deep cerise.  We could have gone with a dark turquoise if we couldn't get the right size curtains but I am really pleased with how the new curtains match the cerise splodges on my new wallpaper. Tony bought me a ball of gorgeous yarn which perfectly matches the curtains. I am planning to crochet a pretty little cushion for the bedroom but that will have to wait until the weekend as I have a busy couple of days ahead.  Tony has to have another month off work so next week we are planning to go for a walk each day come rain or shine. We will need to walk off all the extra calories that we are sure to eat as we are terrible fridge pickers. This afternoon we had a lovely meal in Stokesley but the portions were so big that we needed a good snooze before wood turners club. I have just cooked a big pan of spicy chicken and rice for tomorrow's tea as I won't feel like cooking when I come in from work tomorrow. I hadn't intended to make quite such a large amount but I can always freeze any leftovers.

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