Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Stale bread and a matching pair (kind of)

 I have been a very busy bee these past few days.  The garden is really starting to take shape now and in between gardening and housework (not much of the latter) I have managed to do a little beading.  You may recall from a previous post that I made some little flowers and leaves using stale bread.  I stuck them onto disks of cardboard that I cut from brown cardboard boxes. I glued these cabochon style onto some felt and have been turning them into brooches.  I really do wish my photography skills could show just how nice they look but you  can get a general idea of how last nights beading session turned out. I also made a pink poodle yesterday to match the white one.  I turned them into a sweet pair of earrings.


  1. What beautiful makes Cherie - love the earrings :-)

    1. Thank you. xxx I am in beadie mode lately.