Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 28 May 2015

My first time ever

I am currently sporting a very beautiful face painted flower complete with glitter.  I have never had my face painted before and can now see why all the kids like it so much.  Mine of course is very tasteful and scrolls down my cheek.  This happened at the One Planet Living event and I had a really lovely time demonstrating re cycled crafts.  It was an open air event and though we were covered by a very large gazebo I was so pleased that it didn't rain.  The wind did cut through me like a knife though and I am so glad that I took along some large pebbles to stop everything blowing off the table.  I got to speak to some smashing people and spun a dozen or so carrier bags into yarn which I then crocheted into a large fish.  I had my photo taken loads of times so if anyone that took my business card sends me a half decent one I will post it here.  Don't hold your breath though as I am totally un photogenic. 

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