Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 22 May 2015


For the past week I have thoroughly enjoyed invigilating exams at the local university. It is difficult to explain how exhausting it is wandering up and down a sports hall. Far more exhausting though is an exam with a handful of students. You can't really walk up and down for two or three hours in a small room as that would be distracting for the students.  I will be there again for 2 days  next week but I will be working in our local town centre on Thursday. I shall be showing the general public just what they could be making from recycled things.  I am so looking forward to that as I will catch up with former work colleagues and have a thoroughly lovely time chatting and sharing ideas with shoppers. If you happen to be in Middlesbrough town centre between 10 and 3  come and say hello. We will be in the Captain Cook square in front of Wilkinsons.

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