Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 10 November 2013

WI Christmas Craft day

Yesterday I had great fun at the annual WI  Christmas Crafts day.  We all made a lovely little 'Santa' head. A fantastic Christmas tree from an old paperback novel and we iced a miniature cake.   One of the instructors for the day was a little taken aback when I asked for the bag of scraps left over at the end of the session.  They would have been put in the bin and you must know by now that according to me 'There is no such thing as rubbish'.   Well this morning I sorted the bag of scraps and have added them to my craft stash.  The paper I turned into pulp and made a face and an egg head. These are now drying in my porch and I have a yen to cover this face with tiny snips and scraps of patchwork fabric 'just cos I can'  :-) I even spun the carrier bag into plarn to add to my stash and the scraps left over from the bag will be used as stuffing.  There was a  little tangle of threads in the bag and I simply stirred these into the paper pulp before I modelled my face. From a bag of scraps I now have wadding which i can use as stuffing and snippets of felt that will come in handy for a multitude of crafts.  Any tiny bits that are too small to use I will use as stuffing.  All in all I have used every scrap that was left over and destined for the bin.

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