Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Microwave meringues

I have just made my first ever Microwave meringues...     250g icing sugar and one small egg white. That is it,  nothing else.  No need to whip the egg white first.  Just stir in the icing sugar until you have a firm ball of icing sugar.  Now pinch off small pieces and roll them into balls about the size of a cherry. Smaller than a two pence piece. If they are a bit sticky just roll them around in some dry icing sugar.  Put a piece of kitchen roll onto a dinner plate and put four of the balls onto the paper. I microwaved each set of four for 1 minute and twenty seconds. Because the plate will get hot which you don't really want, I used three plates and put them into the microwave alternately.  This box is 12 inches square so you can see how many this made.

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