Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Off to France at the weekend

We shall be gone for ten days and I can't wait. We went last year and had the most lovely of times with our friends. They very kindly allowed us to stay in their little French house in Brittany with them.  We had such fun and must have behaved ourselves cos we are going back again. Ken and Elaine are such a nice couple and really good fun to be around.  There is no TV and no internet and a huge garden to dig and plant and weed in. .  Total utter bliss so far as I am concerned.  This does of course mean that my little blog will be quiet until I come back.  Poor Alexander will be home alone????????????????  He can't wait to be rid of us.  :-)    Heaven help us all, my freezer will be empty when we come back.  :-) Hope you all have a lovely summer too. xxx

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