Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cooking on a tight budget

My friend Anona and I decided some time ago to see if it is possibly to eat well on £1 per person per day.  It is actually very very easy to do this and I can make very tasty meals for my family at  very little cost.  On Saturday I bought a head of brocolli from Aldi. It cost 39p.  I cut one third off it and I plan to use it when I cook a cheesy brocolli pasta for tea tonight.  The pasta works out at about 15p.  I shall use about half a pint of milk. and four slices of strong cheddar to make the sauce.  It will feed all three of us and will taste great.  If my freezer was empty I would be making this in bulk and freezing it in family size portions while the brocolli is cheap.

Today I have cooked a Chilli Con Carne  so that I can use up some soft tomatoes and a pepper that looks a bit sad.  I usually use baked beans because I prefer the taste but as i managed to buy some cheap kidney beans i shall use them instead. I will have a portion for lunch today and then the rest will be cooled and put into the fridge for tommorow. I rarely use a lot of meat in my cooking but bulk out dishes with loads of veggies. Some time ago I bought a kilo of minced lamb for just over £5.  I divided the lamb into 5 portions and froze them.  Each portion is plenty for three of us when cooked as a spag bol or meat and rice dish (yummy).  I can't wait for my own tomatoes to ripen though as it will make meals even cheaper.  I used to give loads away to my neighbours but this year I am planning to cook and freeze them to use in sauces and soups.

Another very cheap and tasty meal is liver.  I bought a large pack for about £1.89 a while ago.  I divided it into three and froze each of them. Alexander doesn't like liver though so I only cook it for Tony and I when he isn't home. Cheap, tasty and nutritous.

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  1. We are an amazing duo. Would Alexander eat the liver if it was gunged up into faggots?